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Exim Digital Network is an innovative marketplace where advertisers get highest results and publishers monetize their valuable traffic!
Our professional approach, latest internet marketing techniques and advanced technologies are at your disposal for reaching your ambitious goals.


The purpose of Open Real Time Bidding is to meet the market’s demand for security, transparency, authentication, and trust in programmatic advertising


XML feeds are a form of paid inclusion where a search engine is fed information about an advertiser’s web pages by XML.


Managed or self-serve campaigns our team can create, configure and run your advertising campaigns on your behalf at no additional cost or you can use our self-serve platform to setup your campaigns.

What we do



Banners are the creative rectangular ad that are shown along the top side or bottom of a website in hopes that it will drive traffic to the advertiser’s proprietary site, generate awareness, and overall brand consideration. We at Exim Digital Network have the combination of placing ads in the customise format based on the requirements of the Publisher’s and advtertiser’s. Banner ad format is also a great lead generators.


Pop-Unders and Pop-Ups are technically almost identical. Both open an ad in a new window or tab (depending on the browsers default behaviour). The pop-op opens the window in front of the current site, so it is visible right away, while the pop-under opens the window “below” the current window so that the users sees it when closing the window.


Push notifications are messages that can be sent directly to a user’s mobile device. They can appear on a lock screen or in the top section of a mobile device. An app publisher can only send a push notification if the user has their app installed.


Enhance user experience with Exim Digital Network Native Ads blend in with the look and feel of its media placement and so are less disruptive and more appealing to users